Faq • search • login   view unanswered posts | view active topics it is currently tue oct 09, 2012 4:22 pm board index » welcome » introductions all times are utc - 5 hours [ dst ] mom from total independent to total dependent in 3 weeks moderators: irene selak, welcome moderator  page 1 of 1  [ 3 posts ]  print view previous topic | next topic   mom from total independent to total dependent in 3 weeks  author message telecomron joined: sun oct 18, 2009 2:09 am posts: 2  mom from total independent to total dependent in 3 weeks our 84 yr old mother was independent ,living in her home of 60 years(except driving) and very active physically..... Cooking,cleaning shopping, daily maintaining a large garden 4 hrs a day. viagra samples My brother living with her did nothing more than driving and home repair/mtc. generic viagra canada She had been diagnosed with minor parkinsonian symptoms 7 yrs ago(shuffling gait, losing balance, manic episodes). She has been on the same low dose of sinemet since then... The only other drug she was taking was 1or 2 elavil at night to aid sleep when she was overly active/manic. viagra online with price Mid august mom was becoming increasingly distraught and obsessed about upcoming cataract surgery.. Started losing sleep, elavil not doing much good.... By the end of august we took her into emergency ,because she was very delirious, agitated, hallucinatory. She was diagnosed with very low sodium and a urinary tract infection.... After a week in hospital, with all parkinson's meds suspended, with iv saline , sodium and infection cleared up.... countries where viagra is over the counter She was discharged to us, ambulatory but same manic activity, delirium etc... Coming home didn't help..... buy generic viagra online Symptoms got worse... Didn't sleep or stop walking around the house for 48 hrs... Refused all food, liquids, meds. genuine viagra sales Combative...... We ended up gettiing ambulance for transport to a different hospital of our choice. Diagnosed with bad c dif digestive tract infection... Very high white blood cell count, very contagious... This started her 33 day stay in isolation for infection. viagra 4 pack She received very good treatment with daily clinic md, neurologist and psych visits where they tried to to address psychotic symptoms... buy viagra canada It was suspected that she never had parkinson's...... Perhaps mild bipolar with overlying delirium from all the environment disruptions... Or frontal temporal dementia or lewy body disease. After 2 weeks in hospital , all infection cleared up as shown after urine,blood stool and spinal fluid checks.... viagra gel uk Because the paranoia,unwillingness to feed,agitation hallucinations and insomnia continued.... viagra gel uk The docs concentrated on treating the psychotic changes....... She had been free of any psycho active drugs for over a week.. Zyprexa, nemenda and a few other drugs tried at low. viagra gel uk
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